How to Spot Lies on a CV

How to Spot Lies on a CV


A CV is a sales document, and everyone wants to promote a better version of themselves.  However, what happens when this crosses the line into telling untruths?  How can you spot a lie?


1)   Understand which are the most common lies on a CV


Typically, these are:

  1. Lying about education level
  2. Exaggerating salary
  3. Date discrepancies
  4. Fancy job titles
  5. Fake references
  6. Name dropping


2)   Use common sense

If it doesn’t feel right, then take a further look.  Review everything properly and then again. 


3)   Verbally cross reference

When you speak to the candidate, create questions which help validate what was put on the CV.  If something doesn’t sound right, keep probing.


4)   Check LinkedIn

Candidates are less likely to lie about this information on LinkedIn when their contacts, which can include current colleagues or even their manager, can review these details.


5)   Reference check

If the lies got passed your initial CV review and your interview, then background checks can be a final stage since the offer is made. Referencing their previous employers, or qualifying their qualifications with their educational institutes, are simple ways to establish their actual achievements.


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