Tools to Automate the Tricks of Our Trade

To be a great recruiter in London you need immediate access to the widest talent pools available. Our customers demand a diverse mix of candidates in the selection process and they want them quickly.

Morgan Spencer’s offices are in the heart of London, giving our consultants access to the top talent in the market. Our 30,000 strong candidate base comes from being highly networked and recommendations are a large reason why candidates come to us.

We are also tapped into all the relevant job boards and a million candidates available through a click of a button.

As industry continually evolves, speed and efficiency in the recruitment process is crucial. Clients expect speed of response with compliant processing of data. Our aim at Morgan Spencer is to free our consultants, allowing them to use their skills, by automating time consuming and repetitive tasks. Our recruitment software and technology has proven to be highly effective in responding quickly, enabling consultants to place more candidates and growing our business.

Compliance Management

Fully customisable compliance management tool. Optimises our candidate pool through pro-active management, therefore maximising our opportunity to fill positions and satisfy clients.

Fully Mobile

iqxWEB is an innovative on-the-go mobile platform which allows us to access our database anywhere, anytime. You can add jobs and search for candidates, update availability and, upload and approve timesheets. This includes dashboards and analytics.

Client managements Analytics and Reporting

Track KPIs/service levels and monitor performance using our intelligent Dashboard, which offers fully customised reporting designed to give us maximum visibility of our business performance.

Search and Selection within seconds - Reducing Time to Hire

Efficiently search across our entire database using personalised criteria. Our drag and drop search facilities make it simple and easy to identify suitable candidates, save frequent searches, access reports, and send mail shots directly from search results.

Clients also want industry intelligence and an understanding of the changes in candidate requirements and how the recruitment process is working in practice. Morgan Spencer sets itself apart by providing a quarterly market intelligent report to our clients. This keeps them abreast of matters and Morgan Spencer at the forefront in their recruitment process.